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Gable Front Cottage, Meridian

This house always seems to be on the verge of being demolished but the last time I passed through, it was still there.

A peek inside reveals nice detailing for such a utilitarian house.

Fisherman’s Cottage, McIntosh County

Fisherman’s Cottage, McIntosh County

Commissary, Irwin County


Commissaries could once be found on nearly every large working farm which employed tenant labor but they’re increasingly rare.


Saddlebag Farmhouse, Irwin County


I believe this is actually two old put-together tenant farmhouses (sharecropper shacks). I knew people who lived here about ten years ago, and the walls and floors were very uneven, leading me to this conclusion. It was razed in 2012 or 2013.

Precinct House, Waterloo


These old precinct houses, or precincts as most locals call these little buildings, are quickly fading from the landscape in South Georgia. Irwin County has as many of these than any other county I know of, and most have this same general style.

Adams & Sons Country Store, Wilsonville


I knew I’d like Thora Adams when she greeted me at the front door. She told me to remember her name by thinking  “goddess of thunder”, and later related that as the mother of five sons, she had to be. Thora met her late husband Cornelius in her native England while he was stationed there in the military and they opened this store in the 1970s. An earlier store had operated at the same site. All their sons still live nearby, and people in the neighborhood are glad to have a neighborhood store and gathering place. I certainly enjoyed talking with her about country stores and everything else. Thora is open every day except Sundays. Stop by and see her on Georgia Highway 158, about 12 miles south of Douglas, between the 17 Mile River and the Ware County Line. Just bring cash. She doesn’t take debit or credit cards.


Thora graciously posed with her granddaughter for this shot, one of my favorites in all my travels. David Adams writes: “My father Cornelius Adams owned the store before leaving it to my twin Paul Adams. We love this old store and hope it stays open forever. I had a lot of memories there as a child as did my three girls and all four of my brothers’ children. Stop by and see Michelle now and buy something. It is hard to compete with all of the chain stores. Old Country stores are becoming obsolete.


I was really impressed at how well-stocked and practical the store was. Thora even sells cane poles.


And finally, the RC sign. What would a Southern country store be without one?


I was very saddened to learn of Thora’s passing in 2015, but I will never forget her. She was one of my favorite “discoveries” in all my years of photographing rural Georgia and her infectious good spirit remains with me to this day.

Denton Farm, Bickley


David Musgrove writes: I believe this is the house my father lived in as a child. It was known by the family as the Denton farmhouse because it was owned by the Denton’s. The area is overgrown now. My father, his brothers and his sister took some pictures of this house only last week. My grandfather was Willis Edgar Musgrove. There is a well he put in behind the house with his name in the cement.


Vernacular Farmhouse, Bickley


New Elizabeth Baptist Church, Dixie Union