Berry C. Thompson House, Late 19th Century, Mount Vernon

This was the home of Littleberry “Berry” Columbus Thompson, Jr. (1846-1911) and his wife Mary Julia McKay Thompson (1843-1916). It was moved here from rural Montgomery County.

Montgomery County Historic Village, Brewton-Parker College

Conner Stable, Circa 1900, Mount Vernon

This hay and stock barn was built by Franklin Conner and was moved to this site and restored.

Montgomery County Historic Village, Brewton-Parker College

Cooper-Conner House, Circa 1798, Mount Vernon

Brewton-Parker College maintains a nice collection of historic structures* illustrative of pioneer life in rural Georgia from the late 18th century to the late 19th century. These are publicly accessible and there is no cost to visit. The most important of these is the Cooper-Conner House, built with slave labor for Revolutionary War veteran Richard Cooper (1758-1836) in the Dead River community [about nine miles from its present location]. Thomas Benton Conner bought the house from George Cooper in 1838. It was moved to this site in an effort to preserve it. [Some sources date this to 1779].

*-Most online references locate this on David-Eliza Fountain Circle, which is the front campus, but the Historic Village is actually located on Lakeshore Drive.

Montgomery County Historic Village, Brewton-Parker College

T. A. Blocker’s General Store, Kibbee

This landmark general store was owned by Thomas A. “T. A.” Blocker (1911-1994) for decades and is still operated by his son, Gary. It’s also known today as the place to buy boots in this area and attracts customers from far and wide.

Blocker’s Auto Parts, Kibbee

Vernacular Cottage, Kibbee


General Store, Kibbee

There was a post office in Kibbee from 1886-1976. Since post offices were often located in stores in the smallest communities, it’s possible that it was located here, but this building was likely long out of service by 1976. It was more likely located at T. A Blocker’s store out on the highway.

Vernacular House, Kibbee

Central Hallway Farmhouse, Kibbee


Central Hallway Farmhouse, Montgomery County

This farmhouse likely dates to the late 19th century.