Sunsweet Grocery, Tift County


10 thoughts on “Sunsweet Grocery, Tift County

  1. Jennifer

    The store and the house behind it belonged to my grandparents, JW and Evelyn Greer when it was called Greer’s Grocery. He sold it in the 80’s. He owned it when the Greyhound bus ran through it. Many, many memories growing up in and around that old store. Thank you for posting!!


  2. Michele Greer Bell-Peppers

    It is so awesome to read the comments from everyone. I am JW Greer’s oldest grandchild and have spent many days of my childhood playing and helping in the store. This brought back fond memories. Much appreciated.

  3. wendell

    I used to stop and buy a soda and snacks for my girlfriends son and the older man who was running it in the 1986-87 when we stopped there was always so nice to her son and was very courteous to all of us. I think about that kind old man every time I go past this store.

    1. Michele Greer Bell-Peppers

      This was my Grandfather, JW Greer. He owned the store since before I was born in the 60’s. God rest his soul.

  4. Billy Davison

    Mr. Oliver Davis owned the old store that sits where this one is now. My Father and Mother W. H. Davison & Mildred Davison rented it from him in 1960 and ran the store until Dad died in 1962. We lived in the back of the store which had 5 rooms. Mother sold the inventory to J. W. Greer in 1963. Mr. Greer then purchased the land and building from Oliver Davis. One night in the late 60’s, a Greyhound bus ran through the old store, then Mr. Greer built this block structure.

    1. Ronny Yawn

      Remember it well Billy, my grandparents, Mr and Mrs J J Barrett used to shop there with Mr Davis, Mr Shorty Davidson, and Mr Greer.


        Mr. Barrett would come to the store and sit for awhile to visit with Dad (Shorty) and myself. He would always invite us to the big “dove shoot” that they held on the High Hill Farm in North Turner County every year. Good to remember the old times and the good times with friends like Mr. Barrett.

  5. todd

    This store used to be Sunsweet Grocery. It was built by J.W. Greer in the 50’s i think. He also built the brick house right behind the store. The building is not abandoned it is still in use just not as a grocery store but mainly for storage. Back when th store was being built a greyhound bus run through it and there used to be a dirt road there that run off of the highway. Just some info on the building if you would like to know.

    1. drtrd Post author

      Thanks so much Todd! It’s always nice to learn the history of these places…when I’m out with the camera I’m just recording images, but your information puts a human face on them…hope you’ve enjoyed the site.

    2. Beth Childs

      This store used to belong to my grandparents. They lived in the back of the store with my father. They operated it during WWII and sold it around 1949.


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