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Tranquilla, Hephzibah

Doug Flowers writes: Walter Clark’s A Lost Arcadia is the go-to to any questions on the town’s history. Freeman Walker built this home, according to Walter Clark in A Lost Arcadia on page 65, and we know Freeman Walker died in 1827. His wife continued to live in the home and it was sold to Absalom Rhodes. The area was settled by Thomas Walker between 1740 and 1745. Absalom Rhodes, Sr., was born 1770 and was a pioneer of the Brothersville community. His grandson, also named Absalom, was said to be born on the plantation in 1844. So, the home MUST be built before 1827 and for sure before 1844. There is a deed from 1830s on it, but most likely that is when the Rhodes family acquired “Tranquila”. There is a pump on the home that says 1814, so it very well could be before then. The Lansdell home was built in 1820’s, so one of these two homes are most likely the oldest two homes still left from Brothersville, which became Hephzibah 1870. I have a documentary coming out on the town’s history and this home and history will be included.



Hephzibah United Methodist Church, 1853, Richmond County

Organized in 1852, the Brothersville Methodist Church was built in 1853 and dedicated in 1854 by Bishop George Pierce. It was moved to its present location in 1890 and renamed Hephzibah Methodist.

Marcham’s Grocery, Hephzibah

Historic Storefronts, Hephzibah


Hephzibah Southern Methodist Church, Richmond County

Hephzibah GA Richmond County Southern Methodist Church Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2014

A cornerstone notes that this congregation was established in 1968. The church building is much earlier than that.