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Johnson House, Lyneville

This house is located adjacent to E. W. Jonhson’s store, and since it has the same unusual pressed-tin siding, I’m making an educated guess as to the identification.


Commissary, Lyneville

This structure is part of what appears to have once been a large working farm. It was likely a commissary and/or general store.

Historic Storefronts, Sharon

A few historic storefronts remain in Sharon, but I think the post office (white building with the flag) is the only one still open.

Saddlebag House, Sharon

It’s always my reflex to identify a structure with a central chimney as a saddlebag, but even such a simple form can be deceptive. This is a bit unusual, as most saddlebags have two doors.

Gabled-Ell Farmhouse, Hillman

This house near Hillman was in bad shape when I photographed it in 2016. I’m not sure if it’s still standing.

Georgia Woodlands Railroad, Hillman

The Georgia Woodlands Railroad is a short line which runs 17.3 miles from Washington to Barnett. It primarily moves products such as wood chips, lumber and lumber products, as well as other industrial materials. Originally built as the Washington line of the Georgia Railroad in 1852, it has remained in use under various companies ever since.

Moore-Pate House, Circa 1820, Taliaferro County

This amazing house is critically endangered. Several outbuildings survive on the property. I hope to update its history in the future. Thanks to James Woodall for confirming the identification.

Georgian Cottage, Taliaferro County

Discussions with locals suggest this home is likely antebellum.

Single-Pen House, Sharon

Schoolhouse, Sharon

This was originally the school for the Sharon-Raytown community but for many years has been home to the Sharon-Raytown Garden Club, the second oldest such organization in the state, and serves as the de facto community center for the area.