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Dixie School, Brooks County

The first school in Dixie was known as the Brannon School, but other than a name, I can’t locate any other information about it. Jim Cook writes: This school was originally grades 1-12 run by the county and was known simply as Dixie School. The basketball team was championship quality and was known as the Dixie Demons. The school had separate Home Economics, Shop, and gymnasium buildings. The gymnasium burned down some time around 1958 and the lunch room, which had been in the gym building, had to be relocated. High schools throughout the county were consolidated into one school for white students and one for black students for the 1959-1960 school year. Dixie continued as a grammar school with grades 1-8. I was in the last eighth grade class ending in June 1964. The school was closed for several years before reopening as Dixie Christian School, which was later renamed to Westbrook School. When I started first grade the rooms were heated by coal-burning pot-bellied stoves in the corners of each classroom. These were soon replaced by propane space heaters. I have many fond memories from my years there, especially singing to entertain our parents at the annual Christmas programs.