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Greek Revival Cottage, Geneva


This cottage is most likely antebellum; the intricately cut porch supports are an interesting design element, likely a Victorian addition. Unfortunately, the house seems to be in a state of neglect and with the hole in the roof, in real danger.


Geneva Presbyterian Church, Talbot County


I haven’t located any history of this beautiful church as yet, but I’ve learned that it may be in use by a Baptist congregation at the present time. It’s a real gem and in a wonderful state of preservation. It probably dates to the 1870s or 1880s.

Geneva Methodist Church Steeple, 1875, Junction City


This steeple, once part of the old Methodist Church in nearby Geneva, was relocated and restored by Mike Buckner; it can now be found at Patsiliga Plantation. The original bell is still intact, as well, and I had fun ringing it.