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Shotgun House, Uvalda

My preliminary inclination is to identify this as a shotgun house even though the facade has more of a storefront appearance. The photograph dates to 2013.


Railroad Street, Uvalda

Though I can’t find an origin for Uvalda’s name, its history is inextricably linked to the railroad. The town of 530 (give or take) was incorporated in 1910 and given the name of the whistlestop on the Georgia & Florida Railway.

Uvalda Hardware

Uvalda Hardware is one of those rare remaining independent businesses that serve the needs of small towns all over South Georgia. Very few survive in this era of big-box stores.

Altamaha Bank, Uvalda

The building on the corner most recently served as the Uvalda City Hall, but was originally the Brogdon Bank and its successor, the Altamaha Bank.