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Grocery Store & Post Office, Clyattville




Unidentified Commercial Building, Clyattville


I’m told this was a railroad freight office at one time, but it also looks like it could have been a store. Several railroads have serviced the 10-mile run between Valdosta and Clyattville since the late 1880s, including the Florida Midland & Georgia Railroad; Georgia & Florida Railroad; Valdosta Southern Railroad and Valdosta Railway. It it is indeed related to the railroad, the style of the building would suggest it was from the time of the Georgia & Florida Railroad.

Valdosta Railway Scale House, Clyattville


The Valdosta Railway is a shortline operated by Genesee & Wyoming to connect Clyattville to the CSX  and Norfolk Southern lines at Valdosta. Dean Dasher writes: It was built in the 70’s to replace an old beam type scale they used that was under a shelter.