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Dr. George Young Moore Memorial, 1939, Springvale

A first aid station at Springvale was dedicated to the memory of Dr. George Young Moore in 1939. Dr. Moore served as president of the Medical Association of Georgia in 1930-1931.


Springvale Courthouse, Randolph County

My identification of this structure is tentative. I’m aware of a precinct at Springvale and this appears to be the only logical location. Precinct houses are often referred to as courthouses in rural Georgia. It’s possible that it originally served another purpose but I haven’t been able to locate any history. I’ll update if/when I learn more.

General Store, Springvale

This was likely a general store, but could have been a commissary or warehouse.

Springvale Baptist Church, Circa 1910, Randolph County

Springvale Baptist Church was constituted in 1843 and originally known as Bethel. Its first home was a log structure near Pataula Creek. Two more churches, built in 1849 and 1870, would follow and both were gifted to the African-American congregation that grew out of Bethel after the Civil War. In 1893 the name was changed from Bethel to Springvale and the present church constructed about 1910.