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Bank of Jersey, 1904, Walton County

Built in 1904, this structure was home to Jersey’s only bank until the Great Depression brought on its failure in 1931. It was organized by Josiah Blasingame, Sr., a prominent landowner and merchant who served as the first postmaster and first mayor of Jersey. It was used for storage until the early 1980s and was later used as a dental office.

National Register of Historic Places


General Store, 1900s, Jersey

Though it is now used as the Jersey Community Building, I believe this stone-veneer storefront was originally a general store. Besides the Bank of Jersey, it is the only surviving commercial structure from the early days of Jersey. It has been nicely preserved and its continued use speaks to the quality of its construction. It likely dates to the first decade of the 20th century.

Gratis Store & Post Office, 1919, Walton County

I’m a bit confused about this structure, which records date to 1919. Post office records indicate the office in this community only operated from 1893-1902. Records are often incorrect, though, and I hope to learn more.


Tenant Farmhouses, Good Hope

Just outside Good Hope is a row of three or four tenant houses standing in the woods beside a country road, likely part of a large farming operation at one time. One has been sided with plywood and painted in bright colors.

They all seem beyond saving at this point

Stone Veneer Storefront, Good Hope

I believe this stone-sided building was once a store. The sign lets you know you’re in the right place.


Stone Veneer Building, Good Hope

This is located at the center of the Good Hope community, across the road from the Good Hope General Store. I will update when I can identify it.

Walton County Courthouse, 1884, Monroe


With a twin in Sparta, the Walton County Courthouse is one of my favorites. Designed by the firm of Bruce & Morgan, it originally featured a more ornate clock tower, which was lost during a storm and replaced in 1910.

National Register of Historic Places

Broad Street, Monroe


Monroe Commercial Historic District, National Register of Historic Places