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Crawfish Monument, 2009, Woodbine

This whimsical crawfish sculpture was crafted by Camden County educator Carlos G. Jones, Jr., in 2009 for the annual Woodbine Crawfish Festival and is located at the Satilla River Waterfront Park.


Hobo’s Grave, Woodbine

Hoboes were ubiquitous characters in the American landscape of the late 19th and early-mid 20th centuries. They were often depicted as bums and were the bane of the railroad police at various times, but many were simply vagabonds who had fallen on hard times and ostensibly began their journeys in search of work. Local legend holds that one such hobo, Campbell Johnston (24 January 1874-15 December 1905), fell from a train one night and died at this site. Local officials took care of his burial and his headstone was donated by the Woodmen of the World. It seems odd that such a character would have been afforded this memorial, and therefore, his story would be fascinating to track down.

The gravesite is located within the Satilla River Waterfront Park.

Craftsman Cottage, Woodbine

Dead Peoples Things for Sale, Woodbine

This tongue-in-cheek sign for an antique store greets you just as you cross the Satilla River bridge into Woodbine on US 17. It may be odd but it definitely gets your attention. It has become somewhat of a landmark itself. (This is an older photo, but I believe the sign is still there).

Camden County Courthouse, 1928, Woodbine

Though it’s extremely difficult to photograph with the palms crowding out the facade, this courthouse is worth checking out when you’re in the area. It’s one of the only Gothic Revival courthouses in Georgia. This style is rarely found in public buildings in Georgia. Julian de Bruyn Kops of Savannah was the architect.

National Register of Historic Places

Georgia Girl Drive-In, Woodbine

The Georgia Girl Drive-In was owned and operated by Davis & Lillian White. Thanks to their son Mickey for bringing this to my attention.

Woodbine Lodge #236, F.A.M.

Though I’ve been unable to find an exact date for this lodge, I believe it dates to the 1890s, which would make it one of the oldest structures in Woodbine. It’s very well-maintained.

Moody’s Bar-B-Q, Woodbine

This is just south of Woodbine on US Highway 17. It’s been widely photographed, the most famous of these images having been made over 30 years ago by the late Jack Leigh. Various signs, from Coca-Cola to Sunbeam, have been removed or stolen over the years, but the architecture remains interesting, especially the oversized pit chimney. Thanks to Terry Proctor of Woodbine for clarifying its identity. I had originally called it Bell’s Bar-B-Q, but Terry thinks that was across the highway. He also notes that Moody’s was the standard by which all barbecue in the area was judged for many years!