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Hawe’s Grocery, 1893, Perkins

I’m unsure if this was always known as Hawe’s Grocery; it was likely a general store when built in 1893.


Chance House, Perkins

I thought this may have been a schoolhouse, but Katie Cates writes: To my knowledge,this was never a schoolhouse. This (The Chance House) used to have a huge front porch spanning front of house and was just old wood color, til the town painted all buildings red, some years back. This was my Mama’s home and all her siblings, all born and lived there til old enough to get out on there on. After then, when I was 2, Granddaddy Neely Chance died and Grandmama Alma lived there alone for most of my childhood. Granddaddy had a store that was right across train tracks from Hawes store…and a Cotton Gin that was straight across road from Hawes store til he died. Then years later, both were torn down. The roof of this old house, was taken by tornadoes, twice. I spent most weekends with her there. Then when I was 12-13, we moved Grandmama to Sardis…where she lived til she passed. The Post Office used to sit straight across tracks, between Cotton Gin and train tracks…most all my life, til some years ago, it was moved across to where it is now.

Central of Georgia Railway Depot, Perkins

This is a rear/side view of the depot. It has one of the most unusual configurations I’ve seen and may have been modified in some way over time. I am unsure as to the date it was constructed.