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Tattnall Bank Building, 1904, Reidsville

The Tattnall Bank Building is the the most distinctive commercial structure remaining in Reidsville. The bank was founded in 1900 and closed in 2009.


Smith-Nelson Hotel, 1908, Reidsville

Zachary (1850-1930) and Mary Jane Nelson Smith (1857-1924) moved from North Carolina to the Shiloh community outside Reidsville in 1893 They first operated a hotel on this location in 1905, but it was lost to fire soon thereafter. They rebuilt the present structure on the same site in 1908. Their in-laws, the Nelson family, moved to Reidsville in 1913 and assumed management of the hotel. It’s known simply as the Nelson Hotel today and most recently served as a bed and breakfast inn. It’s presently for sale.

National Register of Historic Places

Altamaha Post Office, Reidsville

There are several historic outbuildings on the property of the Alexander Hotel. A sign indicates that this is the old post office from the Altamaha community.

Alexander Hotel, 1892, Reidsville

At his wife’s suggestion, Dr. Orlando L. Alexander (1852-1920) built this hotel, where the couple kept a residence, as well. Dr. Alexander was a local physician who received his medical schooling at the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. He served on a statewide medical conference in 1905. The hotel was built by D. J. Nobles, a master carpenter from Hagan, Georgia, who was responsible for as many as 25 structures in the general area; it was the first location in Tattnall County to have electricity and the first to have telephone service.

National Register of Historic Places

Plantation Plain Farmhouse, Tattnall County

Reidsville GA Tattnall County Plantation Plain Farm House Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2015

I’m trying to locate a history of this magnificent survivor. It’s located on land that’s recently been clear-cut, near Reidsville. There is no public access to the house but I was able to photograph it from a nearby road, thanks to a long lens. From what I can discern, it’s a larger variation of an I-House (or Plantation Plain) with double the normal depth for that style in this area.  Most likely, it was built just before or just after the Civil War.

Tattnall County GA Unidentified Plantation Plain Farmhouse Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2015

Tattnall County Courthouse, 1902, Reidsville


Designed by J. W. Golucke, Georgia’s leading courthouse architect, this structure was greatly modified in 1961. It originally featured a clock tower and mansard roof. It remains one of the more unique courthouses in the state.

National Register of Historic Places

Georgia State Prison Cemetery, 1937, Reidsville


Established in 1937 to provide a Christian burial for prisoners with no family, the cemetery is a part of the Rogers State Prison complex near Reidsville. It is a stark reminder of the realities of crime and isolation these men brought upon their lives, and the fact that the crosses are numbered with no names is striking. For many years, Reidsville was known as the home of Georgia’s electric chair, so I suspect some of these interments are of men who were executed for heinous crimes. There are nearly 700 graves located here.


International Parts Warehouse, Reidsville

reidsville ga international parts warehouse photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2011

Russell Rewis: This is a sad story if you really look into it. This was I.P.W., International Parts Warehouse, at one point and also had various other owners. This is where parts stores ordered there inventory from or specialty parts not stocked for customers in stores.

This warehouse delivered many jobs for many people in a small town that needed it. Unfortunately a common mistake this day and age occurred when it was moved to a bigger city forcing the employees to either move or lose their jobs. Proud people now having to file unemployment or too proud and barely surviving through jobs that should only be used as a side income or an enjoyable hobby such as quilting or other invaluable talents.

This mistake is being seen more and more across this nation, forgetting about the small town and the working man and woman! SICK! People wearing coats and ties scratch each others’ backs not caring about the people who built this country on their backs. Big cities pour money into big cities forcing small towns/cities to adapt or die and become trash, because people in suits think we should leave our traditions, an old way of life behind. It’s a vicious cycle that only continues.

Burns Auto Parts, Reidsville

Russell Rewis writes: This was Burns Auto Parts. The new one is located across the street. Possibly one of the greatest parts stores in the nation, you could come in for advice on auto parts or life. probably best if you stuck to parts. You could just sit and talk all day if you like, certainly a great place to sit and observe the overall opinions on politics, religion, food, or the favorite vehicle brand. If you sit around long enough you will see the great diversity in such a small town although not so evident at first. More than a parts store; hospitality, knowledgeable, and a dying breed.


Gaffney’s Beauty Salon, Reidsville

reidsville ga gaffneys beauty salon photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2011

The commercial block where this was located was demolished by 2013.