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Artemas Lester Statue, 1986, Young Harris

Reverend Artemas Lester (17 March 1857-20 March 1934) was an itinerant circuit rider whose ministry was concentrated in Northeast Georgia. He is considered the founder of Young Harris College, and the school website notes: Young Harris College started in 1886 as the McTyeire Institute with the purpose of providing the first and only educational opportunities to the residents of the isolated area in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Rev. Artemas Lester secured support for the idea of a school and secured the services of Rev. Marcus Edwards as the first principal. Classes were held in a vacant storefront beginning in January 1886.

This bronze statue of Reverend Lester on horseback was placed in 1986, to commemorate the centennial of Young Harris College.


Sign Barn, Towns County

This well-known sign barn is hard to see these days, but I was able to capture a bit of it. It reads: Hey Kids Come Learn About Jesus In Our Old McDonald Farm Room at Mount Pleasant Church of God.

Abandoned Tourist Court, Towns County

This likely served as the office or a restaurant for a larger collection of cabins, on US 76. It was possibly used as a store at some time, as well.

Sharp Hall, 1912, Young Harris

Sharp Hall houses the office of the college president, the Myers Student Center and the campus bookstore. The lower floor was the dining hall when I was a student here.

Young Harris College Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

Susan B. Harris Chapel, 1892, Young Harris

Built as a memorial to the wife of Young Harris College’s benefactor, Judge Young L. G. Harris, this lovely chapel has been the center of student life on campus since its construction. It was renovated in 2009. When I was a student here, it was a place of refuge but also a place of learning. I was fortunate to hear a reading by the late novelist Raymond Andrews here in 1988.

Young Harris College Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

Cupid Falls, Young Harris

When I was a student at Young Harris College, in 1988 and 1989, this was one of my favorite places. Years later, it’s charm remains. It’s one of the most accessible waterfalls in all of North Georgia, even if it’s barely over ten feet in height. It’s more easily seen from the small park above, but a short walk down to the creekbed affords this view. Ample free parking is available at the Corn Creek Preserve on Thomastown Road, which also features a couple of short trails, a children’s interpretive garden, and a marker commemorating the old mill which once operated here. (Be careful if walking down for this view, however, as the rocks are a bit difficult and always slippery).

It’s no surprise the name Cupid Falls was chosen for this small wonder of the mountains. It’s easy to imagine the appeal its seclusion and natural beauty holds for young couples. If you’re having trouble finding it, just ask anyone on campus and they’ll gladly point you in the right direction.