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Dewy Rose Baptist Church, 1921, Elbert County

Dewy Rose Baptist Church grew out of the membership of Deep Creek and Antioch Baptist churches in 1890. Reverend L. W. Stevens was the first pastor. The congregation met in the local school until a new church was constructed in October of 1890. During the pastorate of Reverend A. W. Bussey membership had grown to a point that a new structure was needed and the present church was completed and dedicated in 1921. It was constructed in the Craftsman style. which is rarely seen in churches. For a more detailed history, visit the church website.


Adams-Hewell House, 1890, Dewy Rose

Margaret Wahl writes: This house was my grandmother’s home from around the early 1900’s to 1979, when she passed away at age 99. She was Josie Adams Hewell and she is buried in the Dewy Rose Baptist Church Cemetery, along with her husband, son and one daughter. In the 40s and 50s, the house was painted white and had dark green shutters on the windows. The walkway and cement steps to the house look the same as they did then. Spent many summers there as a young girl. The house had many fireplaces, but I see no chimneys now.

My Grandmother had seven brothers, all Adams, of course, and they frequented the house quite often. My grandmother was married to Olden Ornan Hewell in 1904, and they moved into the house which was directly across the street from the Hewell’s General Store which is now the current Post Office. This is where Olden worked. In 1912 they added three rooms to the house and a wrap-around porch. The original structure was built in 1890. Olden died at home in 1929, and Josie continued to live in the house until her 90s.

Queen Anne House, 1889, Dewy Rose

General Store, Dewy Rose

This old store, built circa 1914, is the symbol of the Dewy Rose community, which still has a post office and a Baptist church. Harold Ray Hopkins writes, “This was also the old Post Office. My brother and I got Sunday papers from there to deliver to folks on our bicycles.

Seymour House, Dewy Rose

Linda Seymour Byers writes: This is the home where I grew up. My parents were Guy & Loyce Purcell Seymour. They passed away in 2002 and the property was sold. Since that time, the property has changed owners several times. This house was built by Dad’s uncle Omer Seymour who co-owned the Seymour-Allen Grocery Store in Dewy Rose. After Omer passed away in 1917 and his wife, Julia Thornton Seymour, eventually moved to Elberton. Several families rented the house through the years including my Grandparents, Elliott & Mina Bond Seymour. Eventually, my Dad purchased the house from Julia Seymour and lived there with his parents. My parents married in 1946 and lived in this house raising my two brothers and myself. Dad bought the same store that Omer and W. C. Allen had owned which became Seymour’s Grocery.