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Log Barn, Alamo

This is located near a house that was relocated to the property, on the edge of town, so I’m not sure if it’s original to the location, but it appears to be. It’s a great old barn, either way.


Alamo Baptist Church, Wheeler County

This historic African-American church was organized in 1892. It was re-established in 1954 by Reverend A. Goram. Deacons at the time of re-establishment were L. J. Robinson, H. Geter, Sr., C. H. Gillis, Jr., S. E. Chapman, J. A. Williams, and W. B. Bennett. Trustees were Rufus Mincey, Jessie Dixon, Charlie Little, and Jim Nesbit.

Alamo, Georgia

This view was made from the corner of Commerce and Railroad Streets.

The hardware store in the foreground is a nice contrast to the old agricultural warehouses and water towers. Dot H. Brown writes that her father, J. F. Hattaway and his business partner Cecil Carroll built and operated the cotton gin and warehouses until about 1970.

TNT Country Store, Alamo

Ray Riddle writes: This used to be a Gulf gas station back in the 60’s and early 70’s...

Wheeler County War Memorial, Alamo

Alamo has a nice memorial to its fallen heroes, located in a small park beside the police station on U. S. Highway 280. It features a bronze eagle atop a tapered obelisk surrounded by a granite wall listing the names of those who made the ultimate sacrifice. It was dedicated on 27 May 1996 by the Jenkins-Patterson Post 193 American Legion and Ladies Auxiliary.

World War I Casualties: Alexander Blackshear; Joseph Judson Bracewell; Joe Burns; Albert B. Carter; James Albert Clements; Henry H. Fields; Orlando Lee; Jessie A. Mercer; Thomas L. Purvis; George C. Windham

World War II Casualties: Gurney W. Alston; James D. Bracewell, Jr.; Eldridge D. Branch; Arlin W. Bridges, Sr.; S. I. Bullard; Neal Harlow Clark; Comer L. Jenkins; [James S. Lowe]; Herman A. McRae; Thomas L. Miller; Paul Nelms; Plumer M. Nelson; William D. Nobles; Hiram S. Patterson; Harlem D. Pope; Percy E. Pope; Vernice Ricks; Willie B. Roberts; Johnnie F. Rowland; B. Raymond Swain; Jack Twilley; John D. White

Korean War Casualties: Grady L. McCoy; James McDaniel; Julian D. Peebles, Jr.; James C. Rix

Vietnam Casualties: Russell B. Adams; Roger L. Bonner; Dawson Clements; Vertis Mackey; Melvin Poole; James R. Thomas


Willie Wiredhand Sign, Alamo

This logo on the side of the Little Ocmulgee Electric Membership Cooperative  caught my eye. I knew I’d seen it somewhere before. It’s Willie Wiredhand, spokesman for sensible energy use. He was actually born of a controversy surrounding his predecessor, Reddy Kilowatt.


Pyramidal Cottage, Alamo

Gabled-Ell Farmhouse, Alamo

This historic farmhouse is located just outside the city limits of Alamo, but according to Lynn Peavey, was moved here: This house used to sit on Maurice and Hollis Johnson’s land at the end of the dirt road by their pond house.


Single-Pen Tenant Farmhouse, Alamo

This house was demolished in by 2013.


Wheeler County Courthouse, 1917, Alamo

This Neoclassical courthouse was designed by noted architect Frank P. Milburn.

National Register of Historic Places