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Cliff Pye’s Store, Gordy

I first photographed this store around 2001 and again around 2008. Thanks to Charles McCarty for the identification. Charles Cowles writes: The store was owned by my great uncle Marion Gunter. He leased the building. Marion’s son Randall ran the store before Cliff Pye ran it. He also notes that Eddie B. Massey’s garage was right next door to the store.

The abandoned interior still retains some of the furnishings so common to country stores.

Debbie Pye O’Donnell writes: In the summer I stayed with with Mama Pye. She lived within walking distance and she often took me there for a cold soft drink. I remember the fresh wheel cheese and the penny candy Uncle Clifford always gave me.

Brett Cochran writes: This store is gone as of April 2017.