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Cotton Mill, Forsyth

This old brick mill building, with its distinctive towers, is located just beside I-75 north of Forsyth. It was a landmark on trips to and from Atlanta when I was a child. It’s an old cotton mill, perhaps the Brighton Mill, but was later part of Bibb Manufacturing Company, which built a modern mill behind it sometime after World War II. Today, it’s home to a discount furniture business. I will update when I learn more about the history.


Thomas T. Napier House, 1826, Forsyth

This is one of the most outstanding Greek Revival houses in Georgia and is well-maintained. I believe it was built by Thomas T. Napier, whose Virginia-born father, Thomas Napier, owned over 6000 acres in Bibb and surrounding counties at the time of his death in 1838. Thomas T. Napier also built a home in Ringgold in 1836. I will do my best to clarify this history when I can better discern the genealogy.

Folk Victorian House, 1885, Forsyth

First Baptist Church, 1923, Forsyth

First Baptist Church of Forsyth was established in 1838 as Harmony Baptist Church. Their first home was constructed on this property in 1840. The congregation named was changed to First Baptist Church around 1840, then to First Baptist Church of Forsyth between 1913-1917. The old church building was retired in 1921 and the congregation moved into this structure in 1923. In the interim, services were held in the Bank Stephens Institute and baptisms performed in the swimming pool at Bessie Tift College.

Central of Georgia Railway Passenger Depot, 1899, Forsyth

Designed by the prominent firm of Bruce & Morgan, the old passenger depot at Forsyth is now home to a museum.

National Register of Historic Places

Alexander-Brown-Coleman House, 1850s, Forsyth

Dr. L. B. Alexander and family were the first occupants of this house, later owned by the Tison-Brown and Coleman families. It’s among the oldest in Forsyth. Thanks to Stefanie Coleman Anthony for the identification.

Hip Roof Cottage, Forsyth

Colonial Revival House, Forsyth

Forsyth has numerous variations of the Colonial Revival style but this is the grandest. For lack of a better term, I’d call this “High” Colonial Revival. A carriage house is located at the rear of the property.