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Agricola, Georgia

I was determined to document Agricola, but this structure of unknown history and an old tenant house were all I found. I hope to learn more about the community.


Saddlebag Tenant House, Agricola

Saint Paul A. M. E. Church, Mitchell

Llewellyn Kitchens Memorial, 1907, Mitchell

This obelisk is a memorial to Llewellyn Kitchens, who died at the age of 15. (19 February 1892-13 March 1907). He is buried in the Mitchell Cemetery, but presumably his father was very saddened by his death and wanted to pay special tribute to him. A verse on the memorial reads: He did not fall like drooping flowers that no man noticeth, But the great branch of some stately tree rent in the tempest and flung down to death. Thick with green leafage — so that piteously each passerby that ruin shuddereth and sayeth: The gap that breach has left is wide, the loss thereof can never be supplied.

His death notice, from the 17 March 1907 Atlanta Constitution, states: LITTLE NEWS AGENT DIES – Popular Little Constitution Agent at Mitchell Passes Away Llewellyn Kitchens, the only son of T. L. Kitchens…died here last night. This young man, only 15 years of age at the time of his death, had become widely known as one of the most energetic and successful newspaper agents in this section of the state. He had represented the Constitution here as agent for a number of years. His death occurred after but a brief illness, being forced to remain in bed only since last Saturday. He is survived by his father, mother and one sister. His father is one of the most prominent merchants of this place and he was descended from a long line of distinguished citizens of this section.

Single-Pen Tenant House, Glascock County

Queen Anne Farmhouse, Glascock County

Hotel, Gibson

Though it’s now a private residence, this structure once served as a hotel/boarding house.

Grange Schoolhouse, Gibson

I had a nice visit with Mr. Usry, who owns this property. He noted that it was moved to this location many years ago after serving as the schoolhouse for the community of Grange, in Jefferson County. It’s been used as a storage facility for many years.

Gabled-Ell House, Gibson

Gable Front House, Gibson