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Springhill Baptist Church, Circa 1910, Tippettville

This congregation dates to circa 1910.


Tippettville Baptist Church, Circa 1890, Dooly County

There is a parsonage on the property that  may serve a different purpose today, perhaps a social hall. It was built circa 1930.

Cason’s Store, Tippettville

This store dates to the early 20th century. Sonny Wilson writes: At one time there were three stores in Tippettville. This one was operated by W.W. (Warren) Cason, who was my grandfather. My parents lived in the back for a short while after they were married. On Saturdays this was a thriving little community. My paternal grandfather, Walter Wilson, taught music and cut hair in the back of the store on Saturday. I grew up about a mile up the road back toward Vienna. There use to be a gas pump in front that was gravity fed. You cranked the amount you wanted up into a glass container and gravity drained it into your car. One afternoon, while playing on the porch, I fell off the porch and knocked out my front teeth. Required a trip to the dentist in Cordele. There was also a baseball field behind the store and on Sunday afternoon, after church, community teams would play each other until time for evening church.

Corner Entrance Store, Circa 1935, Tippettville