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Gabled-Ell Farmhouse, Oconee County

This house, likely dating to the late-19th century, features a nice local stone chimney.


Rosehill, Georgia

Rosehill is a lost community in Oconee County. A post office named Rosehill was open from 1900-1904. Maps today identify it as Rose Hill.

This historic small farmstead would have likely been typical of such properties in the area in the early 20th century.

Iron Horse, 1954, Oconee County

Sculptor Abbott Pattison designed the 2-ton, 12-foot Pegasus Without Wings in 1954. The work was first sited at Reed Hall, but was immediately unpopular with students, who attempted to melt it by burning tires beneath it. The protest was so unwieldy that the fire department had to turn their hoses on the estimated 700 students to gain control of the situation. As a result of the controversy, the sculpture was removed, stored for a time in a warehouse, and in 1959 transported by night to a field owned by UGA horticulture professor L. C. Curtis near the Oconee-Greene County line. The “Iron Horse” stands here today, and visiting it has become a rite of passage for many UGA students . I met two, who extolled the benefits of visiting the countryside and their love of the sculpture, while I was photographing.

The sculpture has become perhaps the biggest tourist attraction in Oconee County and curious visitors from all over stop by to pay homage these days. The sculpture can be hard to spot when the surrounding fields are full of corn or sunflowers, but a crude parking lot off the side of Georgia Highway 15 across from a UGA sign identifying the location as the ‘Iron Horse Plant Sciences Farm’ lets you know you’re in the right place. Recently, the fate of the sculpture has become unclear, as the family who owns it wishes to transfer ownership back to the university, while keeping it on the farm. The university doesn’t want ownership unless they can return it to the campus. I think nearly everyone who loves the Iron Horse would agree that it should stay just where it is. Hopefully, they can figure it out.

Hall and Parlor Tenant House, Oconee County

Log House, Oconee County

I’m unsure if this is an original structure or a reconstruction, but it appears to have authentic elements.

Single-Pen Tenant Farmhouse, Oconee County

This likely dates to the latter half of the 19th century, perhaps the 1870s.

General Store, Oconee County

This is an amazing survivor and I hope to learn more about its history.

Winged Gable Farmhouse, Oconee County

Fambrough-MacPherson House, Circa 1908 , Bishop

This late Victorian was built by Howard N. Ash for Seymour D. Fambrough. The McPherson family lived in the house for many years.

Bishop Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

Historic Storefronts, Bishop

Bishop Historic District, National Register of Historic Places