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Dr. Harper’s Office, Coleman


Now used as the town hall, this was originally the medical office of Dr. Harper. James Palmer notes: I went there as a child and am now in my 60’s. He mixed his own medicine in this office to treat patients.


Bank of Coleman


James Palmer notes that this was originally the Bank of Coleman, which closed during the Great Depression. It served as the post office for many years thereafter.


He also notes: Where this Catalpa tree grows was once the location of the J.J. Rogers General Store and another store building. They were torn down in the 1970’s.

Library, Coleman

Located beside the Coleman calaboose. I first thought it to be a precinct house or office, but William Casey writes that it was the town’s library.

Old Jail, Coleman


Calaboose is a rarely seen term today that implies a temporary local jail, often in unincorporated areas. This has to be one of the smallest jails in Georgia. Thanks to James Palmer and Rick Ezell for the identification.

Coleman Baptist Church, Randolph County