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Vernacular House, Jones


Lang’s Grocery, Jones

Jones is an extremely isolated community. I imagine this store was quite busy at one time. A marker placed at the corner of Jones Road and  US 17 by the Georgia Historical Commission in 1957 gives insight to the history of the area: The site of the village of Jonesville, so named for its first settler, Samuel Jones, is about 6 miles West of this road. There, early in the Revolution, McGirth with British forces attacked a small garrison at Moses Way’s stockade and a fierce battle took place, ending in the defeat of McGirth. In 1843, a Congregational Church was chartered at Jonesville, with Nathaniel Varnedoe, Wm. Jones and Moses L. Jones, Trustees. The village became a refuge for women, children and invalids from the Coast when that area was blockaded by Federal gunboats during the War Between the States.

Fannie Grant’s, Jones