Lang’s Grocery, Jones

Jones is an extremely isolated community. I imagine this store was quite busy at one time. A marker placed at the corner of Jones Road and  US 17 by the Georgia Historical Commission in 1957 gives insight to the history of the area: The site of the village of Jonesville, so named for its first settler, Samuel Jones, is about 6 miles West of this road. There, early in the Revolution, McGirth with British forces attacked a small garrison at Moses Way’s stockade and a fierce battle took place, ending in the defeat of McGirth. In 1843, a Congregational Church was chartered at Jonesville, with Nathaniel Varnedoe, Wm. Jones and Moses L. Jones, Trustees. The village became a refuge for women, children and invalids from the Coast when that area was blockaded by Federal gunboats during the War Between the States.

4 thoughts on “Lang’s Grocery, Jones

  1. Van Lang

    As a kid I played on this ground and worked in the store.Time really passes fast.My granddad James Lang built the restaurant, Store and house.

  2. sylviaarlie

    My Great Grandmother, Mary Ellen (Russ) Layton was born in Jonesville, Georgia, according to her death certificate. She was born 28 July 1867. I also have her with her parents in Liberty and MacIntosh, Georgia. Hera parents were Samuel Alexander Russ and Elizabeth D. Campbell. I know she ended up in Tangerine, Orange, Florida and the rest of her life there. If there is anyone that could help me, I would surely appreciate it Thank you. Sylvia Horine

  3. Renee

    I remember playing in front of the store as a child. My great granddad built that store and connected house from ground up,


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