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Georgian Cottage, White Plains

These photographs, like the ones in the previous post, date to 2010. I always thought it to be of antebellum construction but have not located anything about its history. I hope it’s still standing. I only identify it as a Georgian Cottage because of its current layout. It’s possible it originated with another form.


Historic Storefront, White Plains

I made this photograph in 2010 in the middle of “downtown” White Plains. The historic storefront has been gone since at least 2019 but the Baptist church still stands as a symbol of the community.

Coleman House, Circa 1876, White Plains

This eye-catching Victorian “farmhouse” is one of my favorites in an area full of beautiful homes and farms. Anna O’Neal, to whom I’m grateful for this identification (and many others over the years), notes that that the owners are stewards not just of this house but of historic White Plains as a whole.

Pierce Chapel A.M.E. Church, White Plains

This historic congregation is located in White Plains.

White Plains Baptist Church, 1887

Organized in 1806, White Plains Baptist Church has a history that predates the community by 28 years. The present structure is the fourth on this site. Like the progressive congregation of White Plains Methodist Church, White Plains Baptist allowed African-American members to worship here from 1812-1869, a dynamic rarely seen in Georgia during this time.


White Plains United Methodist Church, 1871, Greene County

This historic congregation dates to around 1817. It isn’t known when the first church building was constructed. Like White Plains Baptist, the Methodist church was very progressive in allowing African-Americans to attend after the Civil War, albeit with segregated services. The congregation is inactive today, but the owners of the church have plans to restore it.

Services at White Plains Methodist Church Jack Delano 1941 Library of Congress
Services, October 1941

This is an archival image of the church from the Library of Congress, made by Jack Delano in October 1941.

Pyramidal Cottage, White Plains


Plains Logging Company, White Plains

This is among the only surviving early commercial structures in White Plains. I believe it was originally a general store. Donna Higdon notes: There is another. To us it was Veazey’s store. Train would come in and they turned it right above there. I THINK there was a cotton gin there. Some of the old stuff is still standing.

Colonial Revival House, White Plains

This hip-roof Colonial Revival doesn’t retain many of its original design elements but still has a strong presence and restoration potential.

Update: As of 2020, this structure has been demolished.