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Red Elephant, Gainesville

This is well-known around Gainesville as a rental sign. Gainesville High School’s sports teams are known as the Red Elephants, a moniker they’ve had since the 1920s. They are the only high school in the country with this mascot.

Clermont Hotel


Built around the turn of the last century, the old Clermont Hotel has been renovated and most recently served as an event space.

Dip Post Office, Clermont


Recently repaired, this was the post office when Clermont was known as Dip. It’s in the city park now.

Warehouse, Clermont


Old fertilizer signs have replaced the doors in this historic warehouse. A nice lady from city hall noted that this was a popular photo spot in Clermont.



Roark House, Clermont


Clermont Residential Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

Wauka Mountain, Hall County


At 2612 feet, Wauka Mountain is one of the highest peaks in Hall County.

Giant Rocking Chair, Hall County


Located at the corner of Lula Road and Persimmon Tree Road just north of Lula, this oversized rocking chair is well-known landmark to travelers in the area. Dwight Oliver built it around 2006 for children visiting his Goldbrook Pumpkin Farm, but it has since become a permanent fixture. Stop by and take a picture when you’re in the area.