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Saddlebag Farmhouse, Dooly County

Shiloh United Methodist Church, 1894, Dooly County

Thanks to its location near Interstate 75, this church has likely been seen by millions of people over the years. I’m among those who have traveled the highway over the years and noticed a beautiful old church on the horizon as I passed through Dooly County. Shiloh was established in 1874 as a brush arbor by Reverend C. E. Boland. In 1883, James T. Jackson donated an acre of land for the construction of a permanent facility. Mrs. Sally Brown gave the church its name and a small building and school were soon completed. My research suggests the present structure was built in 1894. It is still an active congregation.

Folk Victorian Farmhouse, Dooly County

This exceptional double-pen farmhouse in northwestern Dooly County, featuring a shed room at the rear, is a highly stylized example of the form. Queen Anne porch posts give the house its distinct appearance, and the floor-to-ceiling windows and transom are unusual features for such a small house.

Coody Dairy, 1950, Dooly County

This utilitarian block structure is typical of mid-20th-century commercial dairies. Coody’s, like numerous other local dairies, was the main supplier of milk to much of Dooly County in its day.

Saddlebag Farmhouse, Dooly County

This is located across the highway from the gambrel-roof barn in the previous post. It was expanded into a gabled-ell form at some point in its history.

Owens Store, Circa 1900, Dooly County

This community landmark has the appearance of a gabled-ell house and has an unusual floor plan for a store. It appears to be in good overall condition.






Tenant Farmhouses, Snow Spring

Two tenant houses from an historic farm remain on this property, though both are nearly gone. There were likely more such houses here at one time. They are great examples of a once common but increasingly rare vernacular form.