Bethlehem Baptist Church Cemetery, Dooly County

Bethlehem Baptist Church is a historic African-American congregation in rural Dooly County, located near Dooling. Mixed among newer commercial memorials are quite a few vernacular examples. Many have no names and even fewer display dates, but I believe they should be documented before they are completely lost to time. They are presented out of respect.

Vernacular Memorials of Bethlehem Baptist Church Cemetery

Kate Smith, birth and death dates unknown

Francy Odal, birth and death dates unknown

Ella Holton (1880-1925)

Les (surname indiscernible, perhaps Hilton or Milton?) (1880-1915)

Odis Atkins, birth and death dates unknown

Tom R., birth and death dates unknown

Fieldstone grave marker, decedent unknown

Decedent unknown, personal object on grave marker

Culvert, or pipe, grave marker, decedent unknown

Decorative tile grave marker, decedent unknown


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