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Robby & Cindy’s Cafe, Shady Dale

This was Larry’s Corner Mart & Cafe before it was Robby & Cindy’s. It was closed when I was here, late in the day, but people say it has really good food, including homemade hamburgers.


Champion’s Country Store, Shady Dale

Champion’s has been a Shady Dale landmark for many years. They even have their own independent sawmill on site.

Bank of Shady Dale, Jasper County

After its initial use as a bank in the early 1900s, this landmark has served as the post office, city hall, and library. It’s all that remains of a once-thriving row of commercial storefronts.

Calvary United Methodist Church, 1859, Shady Dale

Founded in 1857, Shady Dale Methodist was originally located about two miles distant. The present church, though modernized today, was built just before the Civil War.