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Package Store, Morgan

I first though this was a juke joint, considering its small size and location just outside the city limits of Morgan. Shawn Weathersby wrote that it might be associated with the Milner Grist Mill but Toni Milner writes: It is an old beer joint. My grandfather Sonny “Plunk” Milner sold beer out of it back in the day. The Grist Mill is housed in the building to the left of this building.

Update: As of 2023, this structure is gone.



Ichawaynochaway Creek at Morgan

Perhaps due to to its lyrical name, the Ichawaynochaway is one of the best known waterways of Southwest Georgia. (Locals often shorten the name to Nochaway). But it’s also one of the longest “creeks” in the state, cutting its way through nearly 84 miles of red Georgia clay. It rises near Weston, in Webster County and flows through Stewart, Randolph, Terrell, and Calhoun counties before joining the Flint River in Baker County. Perhaps dry runs in the summer months are the reason it isn’t called a river, but when viewed at high water in wet seasons it’s as much a river as any other in the region.

There’s debate as to the origin of the name, but it’s a Muskogee word. Some suggest it refers to either beaver or deer but the more popular theory asserts that it means “the place where  deer sleep”. The latter seems likely, considering it runs adjacent to some of the best hunting lands in Georgia.

Calhoun County Courthouse, 1930, Morgan

The town of Morgan came into being as a compromise. Soon after Calhoun County’s creation in 1854, a debate arose as to whether the town of Whitney or Concord would become the county seat. The compromise was to lay out a town between the two for the purpose of conducting the business of the courts. There’s also a debate as to the origin of the name. Some contend it honors Hiram Morgan, one of the first commissioners; while others feel it was Revolutionary War general Daniel Morgan. It was incorporated in 1856. An attempt to move the county seat from Morgan to Arlington passed a public vote in 1923 and Arlington served that capacity until 1929, when another vote removed the seat to Morgan, at which time plans to build this courthouse were made.

The present Calhoun County courthouse was designed in the Colonial Revival style by T. F. Lockwood, Jr., son of one of the busiest architects in Georgia in the early 20th century and an accomplished architect himself. He designed several courthouses, numerous churches and landmark private residences still standing today.


Courthouse Square Storefronts, Morgan

School Street

Two streets around the courthouse retain early commercial architecture.

Dickey Street

Lion’s Den Restaurant, Morgan

I don’t think this is still open, but I liked the colors and the sign.

Old Methodist Church, 1888, Morgan

The old Methodist church is presently home to Iglesia Metodista El Buen Samaritano [Good Samaritan Methodist Church]. I’m glad to see this continued use of the church. I hope its architectural integrity is preserved.

An earlier church building was originally located at the nearby cemetery site. This property was purchased in 1888 and the present church constructed at that time. It was turned southward from its original orientation in 1950.

The church has been nicely remodeled since I made this photograph.

Hammack House, Circa 1890, Morgan

Berta Wooten Monument, Morgan

This moving tribute to Berta C. Daniel Wooten (4 December 1880-31 March 1914) can be found in the historic Morgan Methodist Church Cemetery.

Wes Haun writes: This monument is close to one for her son put there by her husband, Mr James Wooten. In 1921 he was lost at sea on the USS Conestoga which was located in March, 2016. After 95 years missing, all 56 souls were recognized at appropriate ceremonies. The one in Morgan was Saturday July 16. My grand daddy was Mr Jim’s friend and is buried in this cemetery.