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False Front General Store, Rayle

One may notice a trend when in Rayle. The historic storefronts and warehouses are all sided with tin. With that in mind, it’s easy to see why this is the most interesting and significant of the bunch. There’s the wonderful Jefferson Island Salt mural, the tin brick, and the fact that it’s a rare two-story false front store (a shed roof has been removed). But most importantly, the owners have allowed it to stand intact all these years. I hope to learn more about it and hope it’s around for a long time.


Painted Tin Building, Rayle

This building is sided with tin false brick siding which was painted at one time. I’m unsure of its use; the lack of windows on the side would indicate it wasn’t a residence, but it’s possible they were covered when the building was sided.

Tin Storefront, Rayle

Plantation Plain House, Circa 1874, Rayle

I was only able to photograph it from the side on a paved pull-in as the property is completely overgrown. The house has a Plantation Plain appearance but may be of Federal origin. One source dates it to 1874. [Historians ans preservationists have reached out to me and believe this house to be of much earlier construction than the suggested date].

Folk Victorian Cottage, Rayle

Tin Storefront, Rayle

Warehouses, Rayle

General Store, 1899, Rayle

This historic store building has been leaning for a long time, according to comments from residents of the area. It appears to be losing the battle with gravity, though.