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Ed Sheppard House, Edison

Kay Houston Sheppard writes: This was the Ed Sheppard house in Edison. His first wife was Mamie Haddock from Damascus. They had several children, one of them being James Haddock Sheppard, Sr, who married Louise McAllister from Ft. Gaines. Their children were Mayme, Jim, Jr (Bubber), and Bill. Bubber married Agnes Toussaint from New Jersey. Their children are Jim, III, Ed, and Hank. Jim and Hank live just outside of Edison.


Colonial Revival Cottage, Edison

Manry House, Edison

Marcia Killingsworth writes: This was my paternal grandparents’ house when they lived in town. Lawrence Madison Killingsworth and Ida Lucille (née Paulson) Killingsworth. Granddaddy had a farm, and was co-owner of the the cotton warehouse business...My Killingsworth grandparents lived there in the early part of the century, but it was owned by the Manry family for generations.

Update: Marcia Killingsworth reports that this house was lost to fire in 2023.

Hall and Parlor Cottage, Edison

English Vernacular Revival Cottage, Edison

Eclectic Craftsman Cottage, Edison

Winged Gable House, Edison

This appears to be two houses joined together.

Edison Baptist Church, 1919, Calhoun County

Edison Baptist Church was organized in 1903.

Bank of Edison Building, 1904

Now used as City Hall, the Bank of Edison was built at the corner of Hartford and Turner Streets by contractor W. T. Jay of Shellman.

Historic Storefronts, Edison

Hartford Street [The building on the right is the Hammack-Rish Bank, built in 1902].

Though it’s quite small, Edison has retained much of its early-20th-century commercial architecture.

Hartford Street

Turner Street

Edison Commercial Historic District, National Register of Historic Places