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Millmore Mill, Circa 1800, Hancock County

Located on historic Shoulderbone Creek at Georgia Highway 77, this landmark grist mill has had several names, including Harris’s Mill, Baxter’s Mill, Sparta Mill, and Millmore Mill. A mill at this location has served the community for over 200 years, though its early history is a bit unclear. The area was the site of an unofficial treaty between pioneer settlers and Creek Indians and an early village of Hancock County. It’s truly one of the most beautiful places in Georgia.

I was thrilled to hear from Martha Harris, who writes: …I am a direct descendant and live one mile from “Harris’s Mill” up 77. My people built the current structure and owned it up until the 40’s, maybe, need to check my documents. Growing up as a child, we knew it as “Millmore Milling Company” owned by the Lovejoys…it was operating during my childhood from the 50’s till mid 70’s, I think or 80’s. Some of my reference material says that the original mill by the Baxter’s burned…


Hall and Parlor Tenant House, Shoulderbone

This is located near historic Shoulderbone Creek. A community named Shoulderbone was located near here, likely completely dependent on the mill, and had a post office for just a couple of years (1820-1822).