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DeLamar Hardware Company Murals, Hawkinsville

The Chero-Cola mural, as well as the Dutch Boy Paints and store murals have been nicely restored on this commercial block in downtown Hawkinsville. It is presently home to Batts Drug Company.


Union Passenger Station, 1900s, Hawkinsville

Though various sources are in conflict as to the specifics, this depot is thought to have been built by the Southern Railway between 1900-1910. It has been in use by an agribusiness company for many years.

Taylor Memorial Hospital, 1938, Hawkinsville

This hospital was chartered in 1936. Robert Jenks Taylor gave the city $100,000 for construction of the hospital in memory of his father, Dr. Eziekiel Henry Taylor, and his grandfather, Dr. Robert Newsome Taylor, Hawkinsville’s first physicians. It closed in early 1977 with the completion of a newer facility north of town.  After being in a state of disrepair for many years it is presently being restored for use as apartments.

Colonial Revival House, Hawkinsville

For as long as I can remember, this house across the street from the old hospital has been abandoned. It would be a wonderful restoration project.

Hip-Roof House, Hawkinsville

Brinson House, 1905, Hawkinsville

Now a public event space known as The Columns of Georgia, this was built by Dooly County entrepreneur Tillet Bridges. It is best known locally as the Brinson House, for the family who resided here from the 1940s until the 1990s.

George Glover House, 1880, Hawkinsville

George Glover was a Confederate officer, but I’ve been unable to locate further information at this time.

Will Jelks House, 1895, Hawkinsville

When built, this was considered the most modern house in Hawkinsville.

Way House, 1895, Hawkinsville

Built by J. L. Huggins for Sam and Mary Amanda Way, this is one of several outstanding Victorians in Hawkinsville’s residential historic district. Sam Way served as mayor of Hawkinsville and later as a Georgia State Representative.

Opera House, 1907, Hawkinsville

historic hawkinsville ga opera house photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2016

Noted Macon architect W. R. Gunn guaranteed and delivered the best acoustics available in his 1907 design for Hawkinsville’s opera house. Hosting many traveling productions and even celebrities like Oliver Hardy in its heyday, the facility’s uses changed over time. It fell into decline by the 1970s, but thanks to a group of citizens who understood its value to the city, it was saved from demolition in 1977. Today, it again serves as a theatre and auditorium and hosts first run movies, musicians and a variety cultural events.

National Register of Historic Places