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Folk Victorian Farmhouse, 1903, Hartsfield

The date the house was built is visible in the scrollwork on the front eave.


Bass Road, Hartsfield

Theater, Hartsfield

This short dirt road is known as Library Road, so I wondered if this was the library, but Holly Perryman writes: This was not a library. It was a movie theater to start with. When Herschel Mims ran a store that is between the post office and the voting precinct building, he used the old theater to store fertilizer in. The white block building on the corner of Bryan Road used to be the library but is now the voting precinct.

Perryman Store, Hartsfield

Thanks to Haley Perryman for the identification. She notes that it was originally a doctor’s office.

Precinct House, 1898, Hartsfield

Thanks to Haley Perryman for the identification.

Mims General Store, Hartsfield

Holly Perryman writes: This was a general store owned by Herschel and Lois Mims. He sold everything from ice cream to plow wings. The open door to the right was a barber shop owned by Alton Carlton. Herschel’s brother Farrell Mims ran a store called Mill Pond which is located just off of Hwy 37. There use to be a public road that went by the store but closed years ago by Farrell’s daughter. The store use to be the place to go, had a mill there along with a pond to fish in. Which most people who lived in the Hartsfield area went fishing there. The store, mill pond, mill and a store house are still there. Very unique place, like going back in time. The place is locked up and closed to the public but my husband and Farrell’s daughter are cousins so we have been to the mill pond several times.


Queen Anne Farmhouse, Hartsfield

This appears to have been a Queen Anne, later updated.

Hartsfield United Methodist Church, 1908, Colquitt County

On 20 September 1908, Florence Hartsfield deeded a tract of land to the local trustees of the Methodist church, O. C. Bell, C. J. Smith and J. L. Hartsfield. The church was constructed soon thereafter and the first pastor was Rev. C. A. Norton.