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Tractor Salvage Yard, Pavo

Turn off Highway 122 onto John Deere Street in Pavo and you’ll see an amazing tractor salvage yard (featuring numerous brands).

There are antique and vintage tractors and parts as far as the eye can see, all nicely lined up in rows.

It’s practically an open-air museum of the tractors that your grandfather and great-grandfather may have used on their farm.

This is the home of T & H Sales & Salvage and if you like tractors you’ll be amazed. Just enjoy them from the road; no trespassing is permitted.



Main Street, Pavo


Miller Brothers Grocery, Pavo


Queen Anne Cottage, Pavo

Thanks to Nancy, here’s an earlier view of this house. It was purchased from a previous owner in 1942. Her family has been gone from Pavo for many years.

Hobbs’ Drapery & Furniture Store, Pavo


Pavo United Methodist Church, 1902


Organized as Lebanon in 1869 by Reverend Nicholas Moses Reddick, this congregation built their first church in 1871. When the town changed its name to Pavo, the church name was changed. The present building was erected in 1902 on land given by Dr. J. Frank Harris.

Admiral TV Sign, Pavo

As of 2018, this sign has been removed.

Peacock Day, Pavo

Over a century ago, a prominent local family, the Peacocks, wanted the name of their town changed from McDonald to Peacock. They compromised and chose the Latin name for peacock, Pavo. Check out the Peacock Festival if you’re in the area on the 2nd Saturday in May. Just know you won’t find many peacocks.