Main Street, Pavo



7 thoughts on “Main Street, Pavo

  1. Julie sutton weaver.

    Chris, Dan Jolly was my grandfather. He was the police chief for Pavo for as long as I can remember.

  2. Julie sutton weaver

    You are correct.. It was Hart’s Grocery and my mother, Mildred Jolly Sutton worked there for a,few years.

  3. Carol Burell

    Do you know of a grocery store on main street that was run or maybe owned by Charles. I think his last name was Hart. It was close to a railroad and packing shed. We lived on the corner straight down the street near Mr. and Mrs. Jolly. This would be the late 50’s

    1. Chris johnson

      I’m sorry I can’t answer your question, but Mr. Dan Jolly was my great uncle. We visited him at his house in the 60’s and went to see his horses. He visited us in Florida once, but I know little about him. I would love to hear anything you remember about him & his family. Thank you.

    2. Pat Hall

      Charles Hart and his family owned and ran Hart’s Grocery for many years. It is now Dean’s Deer Processing. The Hart boys still live in Pavo along with their families.

  4. Gail Williams

    I am looking for info on Bethel Primitive Church. Also the cemetery at the church. I have family buried there, 1873 Nancy Hunter /Catherine Hunter Deloach possibly William R S Hunter. Do you have any photos of the church and cemetery. I found a photo of the church, but its a far off view.

    1. Pam Miller

      I also have family buried there (Manor I. Baker, and others) and I have taken some fairly recent pictures (within the last year or so). If you are interested, I will dig them up (no pun intended!) Pam Miller


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