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Plainfield, Georgia

This endangered commercial block reflects the reality of hundreds of once-thriving communities in Georgia. Plainfield, located northeast of Eastman, is hard to find unless you’re looking for it, but in the early 20th century it was the center of a booming turpentine business.


General Store, Plainfield

Lee Drug & Supply Company, Plainfield

During the heyday of Plainfield, the community was large enough to support a pharmacy and other businesses. The old Coca-Cola mural identifies this typical business block as home to the Lee Drug Company and the Lee Supply Company.

The supply company was located in the rear of the building and was in operation long after the pharmacy.

The commercial properties in town are now owned by Mr. H. Kingsley, a self-made entrepreneur who came to the U.S. from Sierra Leone 36 years ago. He hopes to be able to save the structures. I had a nice conversation with him while I was photographing the community.


Filling Station, Plainfield

Queen Anne Folk Victorian Cottage, Plainfield