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Queen Anne House, Dooling

This is a well-preserved home and other than replaced porch posts and balusters appears to be in original condition.


Dooling, Georgia

There’s little left of Dooling today, but it was once a busy railroad siding. The city hall is located in the trailer on the right. I believe the brick building may have been a small store. My father remembers stopping here in the late 1960s with C. C. (K) Hall when he was working the SCL railroad and buying hoop cheese and pennywheel crackers at a store here. He also recalls that the store owner had one arm, but did everything with ease.

Becky Craig writes: My grandfather, Pernal Patrick, married Laura Pauline Dooling, the daughter of Michael Dooling, Jr., and Laura A. Dawson, and named the town for his wife. Laura was an accomplished musician who taught her oldest son to play the organ. Pernal and Laura gave land to build the Baptist church, but the first church burned before it was completed. Laura died before the second church was built and was never able to play hymns in the church.