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Lizzie Chapel, Peach County

Ann Chamlee made this photograph in 1989. A newer structure stands on this site, near the Powersville community, and this historic African-American church is presumed to be long gone. Like Jordan Chapel A. M. E. in Haddock, Lizzie Chapel was likely used by the community for various purposes.


General Store, 1934, Powersville

This old general store has been restored and is well-maintained.

Powersville United Methodist Church, 1919, Peach County

This congregation traces its origins to Allen Chapel Congregational Church, a mission of the Congregational Church of New England, sometime around 1846. The present church was constructed in 1919. In 1920, the trustees decided to affiliate with the Methodists and the church was officially renamed Powersville Methodist in 1922.

Bassett House, 1910, Powersville

This landmark Neoclassical Revival home is the finest in Powersville and has recently been restored for use as an event venue, known as Rosa Laevigata.