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Gabled-Wing Cottage, Circa 1920, Bath

This is an eclectic version of the gabled-wing form. It appears to have been re-sided at some point, but the architectural elements are likely original.


McNatt-Green-Burdell House, Bath

One of the nicest examples of a country house in urban Richmond County, this antebellum landmark likely dates to the 1830s or 1840s, but that is just a guess. Historic Augusta notes: Nestled in South Augusta in Bath, also known as Richmond Bath[s], the McNatt house is an excellent example of surviving antebellum architecture in the Central Savannah River Area. The community of Bath is so named because of the mineral spring located near the original town site. Prominent Augustans frequented the springs and subsequently many buildings were constructed, including the McNatt House, built by Adam McNatt a wealthy planter from Burke County…

Thanks to Kenneth Dixon for the identification.

Bath Presbyterian Church, 1836, Richmond County

Founded around 1784 by Augustans retreating from rampant malaria in the city, Bath got its name from the mineral springs found nearby. John Trowbridge, among the most active members of the congregation in the early 19th century built most of the homes around Bath, as well as the present sanctuary. A small but historic cemetery behind the churchyard is the final resting place of many Richmond County pioneers.

National Register of Historic Places