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Unidentified Warehouse, Elko

This building, at the edge of Elko, has always been a mystery to me. It obviously serves a storage purpose today, but the arrangement of the doors suggest it was originally a warehouse of some kind. It’s not near the railroad track, but some have suggested they thought it was a depot. I hope to update soon.


Wright-Hardy House, 1854, Perry

The Wright family were among the earliest owners of this cottage; it was purchased by the T. F. Hardy family in the 1930s.


Dr. B. F. Tharpe House, 1874, Perry

Built for Baptist minister Dr. B. F. Tharpe, this is also known as the Tharpe-Lawson House. It was purchased by the Duggan family in 1951 and extensively remodeled.

Edge-Andrew House, 1884, Perry

Built by Dr. J. B. Edge in the 1880s, this was owned by the B. H. Andrew, Sr., family from 1891-1966.

Killen-King House, 1852, Perry

Built for Judge Samuel D. Killen, this Greek Revival home was later owned by the Francis Marion King family and the Penn-Dixie Cement Company, who used it as a clubhouse. It was purchased by Gardner Watson in 1955 and has been used as a funeral home since then.

George Singleton House, 1834, Perry

George Singleton received a land grant from the Creek people in 1832 and built this home on the property soon thereafter. It remained in the Singleton family until 1962. It was built in the style of the ‘Sand Hills Cottages’ then common in the Augusta area.

Houser-King-Chapman House, 1903, Perry

This four-over-four house was built for Sam Houser. Later owners were the King sisters and, beginning in 1948, C. C. Chapman, who served for many years as the sheriff of Houston County.

Dr. Henry Holtzclaw House, 1870s, Perry

Built for Dr. Henry Holtzclaw, the second president of the Houston Female College, this Eclectic Victorian house was purchased in 1925 by the Penn-Dixie Cement Company for use as its employee clubhouse. It later served as the Penn-Dixie superintendent’s house and is today home to Century 21 Real Estate.

Holtzclaw-Riley-Gayle House, Circa 1855, Perry

This Carpenter Italianate house is thought to have been built around 1855 for Judge Henry M. Holtzclaw, though there is some disagreement as to the date of construction. George Riley purchased the house in 1925 and sold it to the Gayle family in 1961. It is presently used as a food pantry.