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Brown Grist Mill, Yonker

This little building at Yonker is what remains of the Brown Grist Mill. Thanks to Frank Brown for the identification.


Brown’s Store, Yonker

yonker ga browns store photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2010

Frank Brown, who owns this old store, has recently been renovating it and staining the newer boards to match those already on the building. The store was operated by his family from 1940 until 1985. Before that, it operated for many years as a cotton warehouse (dating to the early 1900s). In researching the history of the area, Frank learned that it was actually called Yonker, instead of “Yonkers” and he’s had the name officially changed by the Department of Transportation. Below is a view of the restoration progress, courtesy Frank Brown.

Yonker GA Dodge County Ghost Town Brown's Store Photo Courtesy Frank Brown for Vanishing South Georgia USA 2013