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Trinity Church, Screven County

This is located just west of Hiltonia. It appears that some of the lumber has been salvaged.

The front gable features shingles at the corners.

The interior, which must have been a lovely space at one time, is merely a shell of its former self today.

Thanks to Rita Howard for the identification.



Hiltonia, Georgia

Hiltonia is located on Georgia Highway 24, between Sylvania and Sardis.

T. W. Limerick General Merchandise, Hiltonia

Lester Springer writes: This was my grandfather’s store (Tom & Dody Limerick). Have many fond memories of it. It was a bustling place in the sixties and early seventies.  A meeting place for the whole community. Many afternoons and evenings more than 20 people gathered on the front porch drinking cokes, smokin’ , chewing tobacco, shelling peas, eating, and just being friends. 

I had a nice visit with Wade Ward yesterday, who has purchased this old store in an effort to save it. Wade has no immediate plans for the building, but has an interest in old buildings and the preservation of our small towns.

Roberts Grocery, Hiltonia