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Ridgeway Baptist Church, Circa 1865, Gilmer County

Ridgeway Baptist is one of the most historic congregations in Gilmer County and the original log church building, dating to around the end of the Civil War, is perhaps the most unique survivor in Gilmer County. Thanks to Sonny Seals of Historic Rural Churches of Georgia for bringing this special place to my attention.

Church members  have worked hard to preserve this little log chapel and their effort speaks volumes to their commitment to history. Though the structure is showing its age, I like to think it will be around for many years to come.

A new church, built in 1982, is located across the road from the old chapel.


Poole’s Bar-B-Q & Pig Hill of Fame, East Ellijay

A favorite with tourists and locals alike, Poole’s Bar-B-Q has become a world-famous attraction in the mountain town of East Ellijay. Oscar and Edna Poole opened the restaurant in 1989. It started in a roadside shack but now occupies this building, known as the “Taj-Ma-Hog”.

Pig cut-outs, arranged in the shape of a pig, adorn the hill behind the restaurant known as the “Pig Hill of Fame”.

Pig-related names abound.

The Pig Hill of Fame started with just 300 cut-outs but now features over 3000.

Poole’s Bar-B-Q probably doesn’t need to advertise, but these crazy cars do a good job.

The pig kitsch is a lot of fun. Like the old saying of eating everything but the squeal, Poole’s uses decorative pigs in every possible way.

One of my favorite things, though, was Porky, a child’s ride of the kind you’d find outside dime stores a couple of generations ago.

Hay Barn, Cartecay

Hudson Apple House, Cartecay

Cartecay United Methodist Church, 1859, Gilmer County

Cartecay Methodist was established in 1834. Reverend William Ellington, who had been ordained by Bishop Asbury in 1805, was the first minister and the first Methodist minister in Gilmer County. In 1859, the present structure was built on land given by Barnett Wilson. The church was divided after the Civil War and tradition states that the men of the church (by this time known as Cartecay Methodist Church, South) took their shotguns and spent nights in the church to guard against members who had deserted for the Northern branch. During the war, slaves attended and sat in the back pews. The present congregation has worked hard to preserve this important antebellum church.

National Register of Historic Places

Jesus Saves Sign, Cherry Log

I’m not sure how long this monumental sign has been located at Cherry Log Baptist Church but it’s been a landmark on US Highway 76 for many years.

Cherry Log, Georgia

Carolyn Brown writes: I live in the house next door. It was built in the late 1800’s and was a general store and post office. I have been here 22 years and it has fallen into disrepair. Windows are gone, front porch has fallen down ,etc. She also notes that the upstairs was a residence.