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Single-Pen Log House, Candler County


Central Hallway Farmhouse, Candler County

Hip-Roof Farmhouse, Candler County

Tobacco Barn, Candler County

Historic Pulaski Hotel Lost to Fire

Driving through Pulaski last week, I was saddened to see the old Pulaski Hotel in ruins. According to the Statesboro Herald, it was lost to fire on 27 March 2021. The hotel was one of the first structures built by the Franklin family when they established the town in 1900.

I made this photograph of the hotel in 2009.

Central of Georgia Railroad Depot, Circa 1901, Pulaski

The Bruton [the spelling was changed to Brewton in 1895] and Pineora Railway ran a line from Brewton to Register in 1900 and H. L. (Leonard) Franklin, who owned much of the surrounding land, established the town of Pulaski soon thereafter. The depot was built at this time but would have most likely been identified as a Central of Georgia facility since the larger line controlled the Brewton and Pineora and owned them outright by 1901.

Lake Primitive Baptist Church, 1839, Candler County

One of the most historic congregations in the county, and one of the oldest Primitive Baptist congregations in existence, Lake Primitive Baptist Church traces its origins to 1823, when settlement in this section of Georgia was beginning to take hold. Several sources note that the present structure was built in 1839, but I’m unable to confirm at this time. In design, it is quite similar to Upper Lotts Creek Primitive Baptist, nearby. The adjacent Lake Cemetery is the largest in Candler County.

McGowan Farmhouse, Candler County

This Queen Anne farmhouse is part of Pointer Plantation, a bird hunting reserve owned by the McGowan family.

Dekle-Brown House, Circa 1875, Excelsior

Coleman Garage Barn, Candler County

This iconic three-bay garage barn, among the most unique in South Georgia, was owned for most of its history by Jim Coleman, who also owned the iconic “Big Barn” across the road. It was likely used for both automobiles and tractors over the years. I’ve recently learned that it is no longer standing.

The photographs date to 2015.