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Ichauway Store, Baker County

Located on a high bank of Ichawaynochaway Creek, this is one of the most iconic country stores in Georgia, in my opinion. It’s still open (with limited hours) and the gas pump still works.


Old Hoggard Mill Bridge, Baker County

I can’t locate anything about the history of this bridge, but it  provides one of the most scenic views in all of South Georgia. Kyle West writes: I worked out there for about 8 years. In fact, I installed the lights on the bridge  for the 1996 Olympic Torch Relay. The story of the bridge as was told to me was that it was the original Highway 91 bridge and when the state moved the highway to the present location they were going to demo and Mr. Woodruff bought it from the state to keep them from doing away with it.

The girder style construction is a bit complex for a dirt road and the view as you near the end of the bridge is of the iconic Ichauway Store.

Ichawaynochaway Creek at Ichauway Plantation, Baker County

Various spellings have been attributed to this beautiful stream over the years and locals often shorten it to Notchaway Creek. It’s a Muskogee word thought to mean “the place where deer sleep”.

Hoggard Mill Courthouse, Baker County

Hoggard Mill [also referred to as Hoggard’s Mill] was a settlement on the banks of the Ichawaynochaway Creek. A post office served the community from 1877-1907 and the economy was based on several mills, agriculture, and timber.