Ichauway Store, Baker County

Located on a high bank of Ichawaynochaway Creek, this is one of the most iconic country stores in Georgia, in my opinion. It’s still open (with limited hours) and the gas pump still works.


3 thoughts on “Ichauway Store, Baker County

  1. Kathy Miley Beverly

    I have been swimming in the Ichuawaynotchaway Creek many years ago, probably at least 35 years ago, but we must have gone into the woods in a different place on the creek, because I don’t think I ever saw this store, which looks like it was a good place to go & buy a cold drink & gas back in the day. Our friends from Albany had purchased a property on the creek, and it had a mobile home on it.

  2. James Kolbie

    Ichauway store,no longer,however,now it’s a café! It’s a wonderful ,out-of-the-way place to eat lunch only! Enjoy viewing old black and white pictures of the “BOSS” Mr. Woodruff,while eating wonderful home cooked meals. The cafe is not advertised,only by word of mouth. You will leave thinking about long ago–the good ole days.

  3. Victor McGough

    The gas pump that still works. Love it!!!!

    Once while spending a summer with my aunt in Lily (Dooley County) she needed gas. She stopped at Mr. Ezra Forehand’s store and went inside. She came out with a lady and said she needed five gallons and don’t bother because Victor can take care of it.

    After getting instructions, I pumped by hand five gallons of gas into a glass receptacle at the top of the pump to the line that said 5. I then took the nozzle inserted into to gas opening and pressed the lever. Gravity pumped the gas into the car.

    I have seen these types of gas “pumps” only in nostalgic restaurants and bars.

    What memories you bring me.



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