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Conyers Theatre, 1930, Conyers

Sandy Greene writes: This was the theatre in Conyers for many years…The Clay Building. It has been purchased by the county and is now the Probate Court.

From the Special Collections Libraries at the University of Georgia, more biographical information on the Clay family: Ernest Paris Clay (1892-1959), son of William Salathial Clay and Ethel Ann Walker, married Katherine Maddox (1905-1941) and they had one child, Martha Ann Clay (1930-1975). Prior to the First World War, Ernest Clay was a professional photograph and after the war he and his brother Cappy (Alvin) opened a theater in Windsor, Ill. Later Ernest purchased a tent show, renaming it Clay’s Comedy Show, and traveled around the United States showing silent films. Ernest’s brother James Eldridge (1903-1962) assisted him with the tent show and later began his own traveling show, Clay’s Cinema Show. Ernest Clay and his family settled in McDonough, Ga. and opened the McDonough Theater. In 1934, James Clay and his family settled in Conyers, Ga. and opened the Conyers Theater.

Conyers Commercial Historic District, National Register of Historic Places


Rockdale County Jail, 1897, Conyers

This jail was built in 1897 to replace the first jail in Rockdale County and served the county until 1968. It was designed by Georgia’s most prolific courthouse architect, J. W. Golucke, while he was in partnership with G. W. Stewart. The interior was outfitted by the Pauly Jail Building and Manufacturing Company of St. Louis. F. P. Heifner was the contractor.

The old jail was restored by the Rockdale County Historical Society in 1975 and serves as their headquarters and a museum today.

National Register of Historic Places

Almand-O’Kelley-Walker House, 1870, Conyers

This highly stylized Folk Victorian cottage was built for John Henry Almand (4 January 1846-29 July 1918) in the year of Rockdale County’s creation and the designation of Conyers as its county seat. John Henry Almand was the treasurer of the first county board of education, a county commissioner, and a founder of the Bank of Rockdale. His cousin, and the builder of the house, John Floyd Almand, lived here for several years, after John Henry Almand moved to another house “closer to town”. Thomas Dean O’ Kelley purchased the home in 1884, and his descendants, the Walkers, lived here until 1992.

National Register of Historic Places

Eclectic House, 1882, Conyers

This recently restored Conyers landmark features distinct styles. The street entrance, seen above, has a Greek Revival appearance, while the rear wing has Folk Victorian elements.

Conyers Residential Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

Georgian Cottage, Circa 1890, Conyers

The overall form of this home is unmistakably Georgian Cottage, but the Folk Victorian element is quite dominant. Like many homes throughout the area, it has a yard boundary of local granite or similar stone.

Conyers Residential Historic District, National Register of Historic Places